Friday, April 16, 2010

On bebo how do i do this?

on bebo how do i change my name? right now it is at tia arleth but, i want it to say i lUhhVV yOOH but, how do i do that?

On bebo how do i do this?
Make a new name using that one.
Reply:Once you are sighned into your page go to edit your profile. Where it says first name delete the name thats there and write the first part of the new name u want to enter then where it says last name delete the other name thats there and put the second part of the new name u wish to enter instead. Make sure you then press save and it should change to the other name then.This is how i did mine. Check out my page at

Does anyone else use bebo on here?

I know myspace and facebook have a lot of people from all around the world... but there seems to be a lot of other New Zealand'ers on bebo, more than other countries, and also people from the UK. Do many Americans use Bebo?

Does anyone else use bebo on here?
i do (i live in Ireland)
Reply:Some do. I've seen some around. But i think that facebook ad myspace is more aimed at the UK and US audience. Like on facebook for the where you went to school option, which you must provide to become a member, the only schools there are US and UK ones while on bebo schools from all over the world are on there.

Bebo is heaps popular in Australia.
Reply:i do and i live in Ireland too
Reply:I DO!!

it's so much easier than myspace...

(I'm an aussie)


What other websites are there apart from facebook, bebo and myspace?

I want to upload photos and videos

Reply:there's too.

Don't know why you would need to upload photos and videos on yet another website though
Reply:hi if its just for personal use and for adding on to websites
Reply:profile heaven



Reply:piczo, flikr, friendster, faceparty seems to be the latest craze
Reply:And of course there is always myspace

Poll - bebo?

i've just been on to my ex girlfriends bebo and looked at her polls, she has pictures of herself and people have voted etc.. i've just clicked on to one of the pictures to have a look but forgot it was a poll... can she find out if i voted her?

Poll - bebo?
Yes....She will get an email saying who gave her a vote. But it wont tell her which one you chose

hosting services

Is bebo good or bad???

well... i like bebo but my friends hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!=(

Is bebo good or bad???
I don't mind it. I visit it occasionally, when im really bored. But i can't say i love it.
Reply:i Love bebo!! Sad but true. Praps you could add me and we could talk?


Reply:its good. its just a website for making your own profile to show to others (similar to making a website). basically think of it as your own website.
Reply:pretty good
Reply:me too.....i don't like bebo

Paintshop, bebo help on skins?

i know how to make skins but when i do the 760 by 375 im expecting that bit to go above my picture on bebo but it goes underneath my picture and writing. why is this. what have i dont wrong?

Paintshop, bebo help on skins?
ok go to the roll your own skins pages.

Where the preview picture is, click on "3. Edit stylesheet"

Under the 'main section' section, go to 'padding top'.

Change that number. Depending how big this number is, will depend on how much of a gap is left between the bebo tool bar and the beginning of your profile text.

Play around with it until you get the right space for you.

This will bring your background image to the top with no text covering it.


how do i put a video from bebo on to my myspace

get the embded code